'96-10 SN95/S197 - 8 BOLT FW 4.6 Modular

$999.90 - $1,299.99
'96-10 SN95/S197 - 8 BOLT FW 4.6 Modular


96-98 Cobra Some 1999, 2000
Early 2001 GTs
99-01 Cobra
03-04 Cobra
03-04 Mach 1

Come take a look at the newest technology in the clutch market for your SN95.

Our clutch comes with:
-1045 Billet One-Piece flywheel that's finned to dissipate heat as quickly as you can make it.
-Matched with premium 240mm discs to take whatever power level you are at.
-Then topped off with a precision-crafted pressure plate that will be the easiest modulating clutch you have ever felt. Easy pedal pressure but double the clamp load.

We have installed these in a dozen of hard-working Mustangs and pushed to the absolute limits, and have all of the driver's coming back ranting and raving about how well it engages and drives while under a load and also just cruising.

STAGE 1 - 750 wtq
STAGE 2 - 850 wtq
STAGE 3 - 950 wtq

Let us know how we can get you driving with a vengeance today!